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Are you making these 3 mistakes when cleaning your good leather furniture?

We at House of Denmark are proud of what we sell and would like to give you some suggestions on how to take care of your leather furniture to ensure that it will keep its appearance. With proper care, you will also extend its lifetime.

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The Characteristics of Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural material and therefore one has to realize that nature has left traces on the animal, which will show up on the finished furniture leather.

The most common marks are:

  1. Healed wounds: These marks are cuts and tears caused by thorns, barbed wire or the horns or hooves of other animals.
  2. Dung damages: Marks that are caused by dung eating into the hide.
  3. Insect stings/bites: Small marks from insects stings or bites.
  4. Neck wrinkles: These are marks caused by growth.
  5. Ringworm: Fungal infection in the live animal (shows up as a ring on the hide).

The mentioned characteristics do not in any way reduce the strength of the leather but are simply indications of genuine leather of good quality. (In poorer grades of leather such natural characteristics are hidden by surface painting).

The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Maintaning Leather Furniture

Leather is very easy to maintain if you follow some simple rules that avoid these 4 common mistakes:

  1. Avoid vacuuming.
    Any spills should be removed immediately by blotting with a dry or slightly damp cloth. (Do
    not vacuum as this may scratch the surface.)
  2. Never use sulfur-based liquids, leather soap, oils, or fats. 
    When in doubt, dampen with water.
  3. Avoid spot cleaning.
    Day-to-day cleaning should consist of wiping with a clean soft cloth, wrung well in boiled or distilled water. The wiping should be extended to the whole surface to avoid botching.

If you get any stains from something spilled, please contact us at House of Denmark, and we will try to help out.

Leather Cleaners and Other Leather Products

House of Denmark has available several leather products that can help you take care of your leather furniture. Products that have taken a long time to develop and that do work. Please ask us for assistance.

We trust that you will enjoy your furniture for years to come.