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2023 Dining Room Buyer's Guide

It’s around the dining table that life’s most memorable and cherished moments happen.  That’s why we want our dining room selection to have the best design, quality, and style to match these moments. Give your dining room a timeless and elegant look that you and everyone else will be sure to remember.

Use this guide to discover new ideas and one-of-a-kind pieces to create your perfect dining room.


OC Dining Table

This collection is sure to bring beauty and functionality to your dining area. This dining table provides a contemporary look that will match your elegant dinnerware perfectly. It comes in gorgeous looking High Gloss White lacquer and will look really amazing in your home.

ALF Oceanum, modern dining room, contemporary dining room, dining table

OC Dining Table

The OC is the new modern collection that adds a punch of color in a very unique way.  It features a beautiful high gloss Cobalt Eucalyptus wood that is combined with brushed brass.  This stunning and modern dining room is designed to fit in with any style in your home.

ALF novecento, contemporary dining, modern dining, dining table

NOV Dining Table

The perfect contemporary centerpiece in your dining room as it will bring a fresh modern look to your home. Featuring a beautiful high gloss Silver wood finish that is accented by matte black metal.

alf, dining room, modern dining, dining table

FRD Dining Table

A new ultra-modern collection to entirely adorn your dining room, making it beautiful and functional at the same time. It is unique for its color combination of the Grey Wood High Gloss Lacquer and Matt Piramis textured surface that reflects the light in the room, bringing to life a geometric pattern.

ALF accademia, contemporary dining, contemporary dining table, dining table

ACD Dining Table

Bringing together the classic dining room furniture with modern flare. Its high quality finish makes it durable for everyday use, whilst conveying elegance for the most formal of dinner events.

ALF teodora, modern dining, modern dining table, dining table

TDR Dining Table

The TDR dining room set combines Light Elm with Emperador stone to produce a sincere and welcoming atmosphere to your dining experience.

ALF heritage, modern dining table, dining table, modern dining

HRT Dining Table

The HRT Dining Collection features a stylish eye-catching luxurious High Gloss Dark Velvet Birch finish that embraces the unique to modern furniture. Accented by chrome additions, each piece of the Collection is both functional and stylish.

The dining table features a chrome base with detailing on the column, which also houses the extension leaf. While the dining chair, a high back and gentle curve upholstered in Grey Taupe Eco Leather with chrome accent and button detail, invite you to sit back and relax.

ALF monte carlo, dining, dining table, contemporary dining

MTC Dining Table

The MTC Dining Room Collection features a stylish eye-catching luxurious High Gloss Koto finish that embraces the high standards of meticulous craftsmanship. Accented by chrome additions, each piece of the MTC Collection is both functional and stylish.

ALF Matera, modern dining, contemporary dining, dining table

MAT Dining Table

Grace your dining room with this set and showcase a look that takes inspiration from nature yet remains modern. Featuring Rim Oak Grain Surface, this set adds contemporary flair to any dining space.

dining table, walnut wood, dining room, contemporary dining

Tahoe Dining Table

The mid-century modern styled Tahoe Dining Room features a rich American walnut frame with a upholstered fabric seat and curved backrest. It also features rounded corners and edges for a softer, contemporary style.  This modern dining room has a simple design that is ideal for any home wanting comfort with style.

natural wood, dining table, dining, contemporary dining

Kary Dining Table

A beautiful sculpture design in solid Acacia wood that is paired with a glass top.  Its art meets function in this dining table.

round dining table, contemporary dining, modern dining, dining table

Trident Dining Table

The Trident table is a minimalist, contemporary dining table with a distinctive metal base. Making a bold design statement with its sculptural base style, its a clean and contemporary design that provides an aesthetic look and support.